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Equipe do Ba.

Kayapo Youth Forest Guardians.

Piloted in 2019 with Kayapo communities of the Xingu, this biodiversity monitoring project engages Kayapo in culturally affirming conservation activities that provide opportunities for youth to learn the technology they crave (cameras, computers, drones, internet) alongside land-based learning, natural heritage and traditional knowledge transmission from elders to youth.

Impact & Objectives


Over 100 participants including:

  • 93 Kayapo Youth (30% female)

  • 8 Kayapo Elders

  • 29 Kayapo Support Team

  • 7 Non-Kayapo Support Team

  • 2 Eco-Tourist Groups

Kayapo Land is Kayapo Culture.

Kayapo knowledge and well-being are inextricably tied to their lands, Monitoring and protecting their territory protects their culture and livelihood.

Next Generation Kayapo Straddle Two Worlds.

Equipping the next generation of Kayapo Forest Guardians with both traditional values and technological skills will fortify protection of Kayapo territory and culture. 

The Kayapo Story is a Global Story.

Capturing the beauty, resilience, diversity and importance of the Amazon rainforest and the beings that live within it through science, art, and storytelling as well as inter-cultural guided tourism experiences.


Past Projects

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